Oona, Goddess of the Muses

Oona orignated from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign I was going to join but never did (LOL). She's the Goddess of the Muses, meaning that she runs art, music, and performances. A bit of an introvert, she liked hiding behind the scenes rather than being the main performer. Her muses, which dabbled in water and ice magic, were known to inspire thousands of pieces of music and artwork over their time on the material plane.

When she wasn't sending her muses to the material plane, Oona exists in the In-Between--a place of whimsy that sort of like the Fae Realm but less chaotic. It's a soft existance of harp music and bubbles, catering to Oona's need to keep her young priestesses safe. Oona is one of the kinder gods, and is often the one who is first onto scenes of panic and trouble. Her temples offer protection from outsiders or those who wish harm, leading her to have many priestesses and maidens under her branch of worship.

She's loosely based off of a hamster/mink, which leader her to the cute ears LOL. This is her non-goddess outfit, as the campaign was to take place in the material plane on a different time than her goddess form. She has a lot of hair, too (??) since I have her like four different twintails, lmao.