july 17th, 2023

i have a job interview today, but here's today's goals:

1. new homepage design
i want to do a much more gothic forest-y theme for the website. i think it's very timeless but makes more sense for my style. i used the term "bog witch" but that's not very true since i hate humidity lol

2. finalize webpages & link pics
while i know that i probs won't have time for the ALL of the link pics, i'd like to make a few to use for some of pages i'll be working on. if i do it so that every link comes with an image and is only uploaded when the page is finalized, i can make a couple of pages this week and then do more next week or this weekend.

3. spotify link
i've been really into fleshwater recently, and it's been opening me up to a lot of new music. i'd like to have a playlist link for the website if possible.

4. color palette
i think i'd like some color palettes for the website. here's some ideas i had:
✶ grey & black are a must, since i want the palette to be more gothic and less colorful
✶ an accent color of purple, green, or (MAYBE) a pink/red; i really like the greens since it would match my eyes
✶ using well-known palettes for specific areas (i.e. using the spotify colors on the page linking to my spotify account)
✶ one major bright color i use sparingly, like a red or pink IMPORTANT!!! font color